Friday, July 9, 2010

Spreading the Love

The amiable Barbara Sheridan was kind enough to send me a copy of Dark Whispers after I told her about buying Dark Whispers the HORROR anthology by mistake...shudders.

I loved this book. It has a tie-in to Beautiful C*cksucker in that we learn a bit more about Ray Watts, the policeman from BC. We get the background in the prolouge as Ray steers Daisuke away from a rough street-life and into respectability.

This is Daisuke's story though and it has a paranormal bent. Dai is now a policeman serving in the same area he was raised in. Lately he is spending his time worrying about his brother and trying to think up ways to seperate Wei from the Tong he is so happily serving.

Toss is Sakurai, one hotter than hell vampire and Sayuri the sidekick cat and things get really intersting.

Sakurai and Daisuke are like oil and water, coming together only to annoy the hell out of each other over and over again. Intensly attracted to each other, both men refuse to acknowledge their potential.

This book is very intense and full of angst. I found the ending HFN to be hilarious as both men are trying to figure out what happens next. That Barb has book two written all over the ending didn't hurt my feelings a bit.

If you like your men hot, fiesty and a bit confused this is definately the book for you.


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Barbara Sheridan said...

Fianlly got time on a decent computer that doesn't freeze on blogs. Go me. ^_^
I'm so glad you liked the story. It was fun to write and I loved seeing cold hearted Sakurai have to acknowledge that feelings exist. lol

Here's a bit of Trivia--this was actually written before Beautiful C*cksucker. The scenes with Ray may me start to wonder what his backstory was and how he got into the kinky stuff.