Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sexy ~ Part 2

I love flirting. Flirting comes in all shapes and sizes and I adore them all. A first come-on, half-smiles, a slow grin, a direct look of appreciation...lovely.

I am an equal opportunity flirter. Male, female, couples, it really doesn't matter to me. (Although for some reason I seem to get hit on by swingers the most.) Even if I am not interested, I appreciate the fact that another person found me interesting enough to flirt with. I do insist you bring your A-game though. None of those cheesy lines or moves from the '70's & '80's....rolls eyes.

Some of my past favorites:

Having a conversation about fetishes with a male I had recently met. At one point I was smiling because I surprised him with something and he stops for a moment, then tells me I have a smile that could change the world. It was goofy, sweet, appreciated.

At a bar on my birthday, approached by a gorgeous pair of lesbians. One softly touched my hand and the other stroked a curl as they asked if they could take me home.

The sweet, shy grin of a college boy as he walked past and turned around to look again.

A lovely married couple I saw briefly here and there for work walked up one day and handed me a key to their home. Grinned, told me I was welcome anytime at all and walked away.

Knowing eyes and a cheeky, confident grin from across the desk as I was helping a military guys buddy.

A gorgeous biker with killer green eyes coming up and asking if I needed a boyfriend.

Care to share a few of your favorite flirts with me? I would love to hear them.


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