Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sexy ~ Part 1

I was trolling another blog when I saw this video. All I could think of was, How fucking sexy is that?!

The author of the other blog said he saw it as frustrated desire.

Oh Yeah! That burning hot, I want it NOW feeling. But what if you couldn't have it now? What if you had to wait? This video turned into such a lovely fantasy.

Picture your boy teased into frenzy, then you back off. He can only lay there restless, wanting. He can touch his body but he can't get off, he has to wait on you.

Such a gorgeous baby, so sweet. I could tease him for hours until he is mindless with need and begging. Promising anything if I would just let him cum.

* shakes head...

So what triggers desire? For me all the senses are involved.

The heat of a body near me.
A shared, flirty grin.
Watching someone who is intensely concentrating.
A slow, sexy rythm.
The taste of bare skin as I run my teeth over it, itching to bite.
Watching highly talented dancers.
A smart sense of humour.
The scent of musk, whether natural or cologne.

All things guarenteed to make me want hard.

More about sexy things later. For now, what revs your desire?


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