Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beginning Words

Hello all.

This is my first foray away from lukerdom. I am jumping in with both feet and no net so please be patient, I am rather deficient when it comes to technology. :)

I love surfing the internet and following random links. I am never quite sure where I am going to end up. I spent most of last month following Beth Wylde's promotion of Pride Month. It was wonderful being able to speak with people with such varied tastes and backgrounds. I am hopeful this blog will let me meet many more.

A typical day for me:

Looking for desktop wallpaper. Found very cool dragon fantasy motorcycle. This led to black and white pictures of motorcycles which led to shadows and abstracts in black and white. Found an excellent photo called Light and Shadow. Naked male on a forest(?) beach. Which of course led to me looking for more naked men. Found a nice bondage site which made me think of Barb Sheridan's books Beautiful C*cksucker and BC: Such a Good Boy because kinbaku/shibari is mentioned. Looked up the difference between the two methods of binding.

Remember's that I need to enable the gadget that follows what I am looking at so I can see where I've been.

Was distracted by an ad for a Leather Daddy site, wondered why so little gay fiction and erotica offers May/December romance. Found a link to a bondage-in-leather site where the Top loved to tie men who were wearing leather or cowboy gear. Nothing sexual, it was all about the rope. Next link was to another Top who was also about bondage for sake of bondage. On one of his pages was the true story of a man he had connected with.

This was told mostly from the "boy's" point of view and filled with letters and texts sent to the Top over a period of time. It was a moving piece of a middle-aged man who, finding out he had cancer, decided not to fight it and just let nature take its course. Their story moved me and made me sad.

Went back to my library to re-read Master Bear by Sparrow & Brooks. A gay BDSM story where one of the partners is dieing from cancer, but at least there is a HFN ending.

Decided to relax by playing pinochle and looking for pictures to add to my collection of beautiful, bound or submissive men.

So what do you think? Ready to take a walk with me? I would love to hear from you.



chrissymunder said...

Hi Sassy, Congratulations on your new adventure. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us.

Clare London said...

Hi Sassy! (by name and by nature, I expect LOL) Congratulations on the launch of the new site - and the pics to greet us! I enjoyed reading about the path your mind takes you on a typical day - I think many of us will recognise the joys of distraction :). Happy blogging!